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the wood furniture.

Timber/wood is the most commonly used material in the creation of furniture. With the industrial revolution, furniture manufactured from materials such as steel, aluminium, glass and plastic, began to appear. These materials may have revolutionized the furniture industry, but wood is still undeniably a staple material in furniture manufacturing. Not only is wood everlasting , but it is TIMELESS as well.

Timber Mix design (TMD) specialist in Balau Wood Furniture manufacturer hereby the seizes the business opportunity to transformed from a conventional wooden furniture making to timber mix product that maintain the classical beauty of furniture while bringing in the modern design concept at a reasonable price.

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Why Balau Wood?

Balau wood in the scientific name of Shorea spp. It has a coarse texture with medium to large pores and occasionally interlocked grain.

It comes from the tropical rainforests in Malaysia and is another very dense wood thats’s become popular in recent years due to its extreme durability and the beautiful of the grain. There are many benefits and properties of Balau wood that make it very popular in the timber deck construction business as it is a water resistant timber.

The colour range of Balau has been known to vary from pale straw to light reddish brown.It has a class A fire rating, and does not accept treatment well. Balau is best treated by oiling. Balau wood is famous for its hardwood qualities and for being able to leave the finished product untreated without it beginning to degrade for many, many years.

Therefore, bringing Balau wood as our main material in TMD products is definitely a good choice !